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Autor: Jerone || Date: 07-02-2008 14:00BabelZilla translations


Yesterday, I was a little bit of bored and didn't know anything to do. Then I realised I got earlier this week a mail from BabelZilla to update one off my translations.

BabelZilla is a system where extensions from Firefox can be uploaded by the authors, so other people can add translations to that extension. This way users can have there favourite extensions in there own language.

I’m a translator for the Dutch language and at that moment off finishing the requested translation update, I’ve done 8 translations to Dutch (nl-NL).

After updating the translation, I looked around the site a bit and found the possibility to view all countries ranking. I saw that The Netherlands was 4th place with 89.3%, which isn’t bad at all. After clicking on the link to show untranslated extensions, I saw that there still were a lot off translations to be done.

So I went ahead and added a few other extension translations. At moment off writing I’ve got now 17 translations and we’ve got now 90.9% translations done (still ranked 4th).

Maybe there are other Netherlanders who are interested in doing some translations; go to BabelZilla, register (free), look for an untranslated extension and set yourself as translator for that extension. I hope that we once get the Dutch translations to 100% and your help is welcome.

Ps: You need to be logged in at BabelZilla to open the links.

Autor: Jerone || Date: 13-11-2007 13:00 || Updated: 07-01-2008 12:30Welcome


Welcome on my site; About Jerone

My name is Jeroen (aka Jerone or Jeronevw), 21 years old and I'm from The Netherlands.

This is my personal site, which I called About Jerone. Here you can find a little bit about me, what I've done, what I'm working on and all other things that interest me.



I made this site so I can show the Whole Wide World what I've done. Therefore I've to write this site in English, so everyone can read this. I don't mind writing English; it gives me experience in translating.

Making About Jeroen was a lot off work to do, but I liked it al the way. This is my first professional site. I made sites before, but they were really noob sites and I want to forget them as soon as possible.


Linkie Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

As every scripter will know, making a site isn't easy work. Sure you can make it easy for yourself by making it only viewable for your favourite browser. But a correct scripter makes it site cross-browser. Here am I thinking about the most used browser; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Netscape. After the different browser, you have to think about users who use older versions of there browser; IE < 7, FF < 2 (or 3 Beta), Opera < 9 and Netscape < 9. Then I didn't even talk about the different OS's; Windows, iMac, Linux.

So I went ahead and made my site best possible visible in these browsers. This is my finding after testing:

Browser: Version: FaqComment:
Internet Explorer 7 Needed some hacks to overcome the scroll problem and other position problems. Also outerborder isn't supported. Got problem with one lined overflow:auto; Also list:hover isn't supported. And doesn't show tabs or convert them to spaces.
Except from some style bugs, this site is still viewable true IE7.
6 Doesn't look anything like it supposed to be.
5.5 Doesn't support .png transpiration. Hack to support styled headers. And problems with list.
5 Can't style list tags and hover gives weird effects.
< Errors.
Firefox 3 ?
2 Missing a right border with a scrolled content.
< ?
Opera 9.5 ?
9.27 Good browser.
< ?
Netscape 9 Just because Netscape isn't supported by AOL anymore, it doesn't mean I don't need to check; everything works.
8.1 Problem with bottom lines, scrollbars and doesn't support outerlines and clear:both;.
< ?
K-Meleon 1.1.2 1.1.2 Didn't find anything wrong.
Swift 0.2 0.2 Just for testing purpose; and NO it doesn't work at all.
Any other browser ? Don't know about other browsers. Any given info is welcome.
You could check on the test page if everything works.

Check the compatibilities table for the colour chart.


JavaScript XSS

Javascript also has to deal with XSS. There is a lot off difference between the browsers and some objects don't even work between them. I'm working very hard to find these differences and fix them so every script on my site works on every browser that supports JavaScript.

Beside crossbrowser support I'm also have to think about persons who don't like JavaScript. I don't know what you're doing here then, but I have tried to make my site none-JavaScript friendly.


(X)HTML & CSS Valid

Another thing were I had to watch for, is that I want my site to be valid. HTML and CSS valid.

Well after some fixing my site is XHTML 1.0 traditional valid (like specified in the doctype).
I'm even got my site XHTML 1.0 Strict and XHTML 1.1 valid.
Because HTML 4 and lower is totally written differently, I don't check for HTML.

The CSS is whole another thing. There are some stupid warnings there, which I don't agree with.
They all have to do with colouring, and I don't want them to change. This only counts for my major stylesheet, all others are valid.



There are still some things I like to do to finish this site. Below is a list of these things and you'll find them crossed if I did them already.

  • give site style a number,
  • finish XSS table,
  • better position for clock,
  • bannerR iframe and IE problem fixen,
  • code pre style fixen,
  • sitemap updaten,
  • stylesheet switcher (http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/jslibs/script-swapstyle).



I hope you like(d) my site and you'll come back soon.

If you have any questions / problems / or just something to say, you can always contact me.

gr Jerone

This text should not be seen and spoken.